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Best Practices for Furnace Replacement

Overview and Design

  •  Review of Design Calculation Requirements  

                       ASHRAE Guide

  •  Work Related Standards & Regulations

                       Compliance with OSHA health & safety regulations

                       Compliance with NFPA 58 code book

                       Compliance with IRC 2018 code book

  •  Building Permits, Codes, Regulations, Laws, and Standards


  •  Removal of Old Heating Equipment 

                       Unless otherwise agreed to, at no additional charge

  •  Venting Regulations 

                       (ASHRAE 62.2) and  (Section of NFPA 54

  •  Condensate (Drain Pan and Safety Switch)  *

                       Condensate must be piped, trapped, pitched, sized, and insulated per manufacturer's specifications

                       Condensate must be installed as to prevent freezing and must not terminate over walkways

                       If condensate pump is installed, it must also have an interlocked detector / cutout switch installed so that outdoor unit is disabled if water level                              rises and activates detector / switch

  •  Gas Piping

                       New gas shut off valve, new ground union, new drip leg according to local codes.  Gas leak detection

                       Gas pipe and connectors to have the appropriate support, hangers, anchors, and gas pipe sealant

                       Installed in accordance with the latest edition of NFPA 54

  •  Ductwork Reconnections

                       Metal ducts and plenums with a cross sectional area of 1.2 sq./ft. or less to be 30 equivalent galvanized sheet gauge or thicker, over 1.2 sq./ft.                                  to be 28 gauge equivalent galvanized sheet gauge or thicker

  •  Electrical 

                       New electrical connections from service disconnect to furnace


                       Whenever possible a high efficiency air cleaner will be installed at a small additional cost

  •   Seal Air Leaks at Sheet Metal Joints  **  

                        Silicone caulk or mastic shall be used to seal air leaks

  •   Seal Air Leaks at Filter and Cooling Coil

                        Silicone caulk or mastic shall be used to seal air leaks

  •   Programmable thermostat

                       Thermostat shall be compatible with the equipment it is controlling and ENERGY STAR® certified

  •   Level Furnace for Correct Condensation Drainage.  *

Start-up and Commissioning


  •  Control Board/Blower Motor Set-up

  •  Gas/Oil Pressure

                       Gas input shall be checked and gas output adjusted to manufacturers specifications

        System Airflow

                       Under steady state condition airflow to be within ± 10% of the airflow required of the system design or manufacturer recommendations  ****

  •  Room Airflow/Balancing  ***

  •  Controls and Accessories

                       Test humidifiers controls and accessories

  •  Customer Education

                       System Operation and Controls  Programing Thermostat   Accessories Operation Leave all Manuals with Customer  Review and register                            Warranties      System Maintenance Requirements  Review Maintenance Customer can/should Perform

* If applicable        ** Within 6' of new equipment        *** Comfort issues must be discussed before balancing can be performed

**** Existing ductwork may or may not be correctable to accommodate proper airflow, additional charges maybe incurred.  Any additional charges will be discussed prior to corrections are made.

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